Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some final final pictures...!

Some final pictures.....!

Special Song

We were treated to a special song, We Are Thankful by selected 3rd and 4th grade students led by Faith Marshall - it was a wonderful moment...!  Thank you Ideal Academy Students!


The Mural was finally unveiled!

and there was more!

Mama Freeman posted a summary of our year long projects - from museum workshops, storytelling, classroom activities, drawings of Ndebele dolls, work on the mural, painting, signing, and installing.

And then the STUDENTS gave an awe-inspiring performance!!

Music teacher, Faith Marshall taught her students to sing Lift Every Voice and Sing.  Keeping with the South African theme, we were treated to the South African National Anthem - not an easy feat:
The lyrics employ the five most widely spoken of South Africa's eleven official languages - Xhosa (first stanza, first two lines), Zulu (first stanza, last two lines),Sesotho (second stanza), Africaans (third stanza) and English (final stanza). 
   French teacher, Edith Neal, wrote and directed the children in a play about the Ndebele of South Africa - based on the history of how several ethnic groups came together and unified into the Ndebele ethnic group that we know today. 


Remarks by Deborah Stokes, Karen Brown, Gloria Freeman described the project from museum to classroom. Our Very Important Guest, Dr. Jonnetta B. Cole, Director of the National Museum of African Art addressed the students with the greatest of enthusiasm for the work they accomplished !