Friday, June 11, 2010

Coming to the home stretch....

We've had two more days of putting the final touches on the mural:  a rooftop, a chicken, and an airplane!  Thanks Guillermo Zaleya, the very patient volunteer parent who helped us mount the entire wall piece!  And Edwin Zaleya for the airplane, and Mama Freeman for the chicken design!
    It has been a been a true partnership working with the students and teachers, along with the support of the administration.    We will be having the official presentation next Wednesday at 10:00 am at the school.  The students have prepared a skit based on the Ndebele of South Africa, written by Edith Neal, French teacher, and a special song led by Faith Marshall, Music teacher  (I hear that several songs are on the agenda:  Lift Every Voice and Sing and the National Anthem of South Africa) will be a great coming together of the community - as we said in the beginning of the project, ...A mural is more than just paint on a wall!

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